Photoinitiator 819/Irgacure BAPO


Product name: Photoinitiator 819
Molecular weight: 418.5
Appearance: Yellow powder
Melting point: 127-133°C
Absorption peak: 295nm, 370nm (in methanol solution)
Solubility: 20°C (g/100g solution)
Photoinitiator 819/Irgacure BAPO
Photoinitiator 819
Application: Photoinitiator 819 has been tested for printing inks and preimpregnation systems on wood, metal, plastic, paper and optical fiber surfaces.
In white paint, color paint and inks containing titanium white or other pigments with high hiding power, 819 adds a small amount to make the coating have excellent curing effect and UV yellowing resistance. Because of its excellent absorption properties, 819 can be used in thick film systems.
Photoinitiator 819 can be used in combination with other photoinitiators, such as photoinitiator 184 or photoinitiator 651. The combination of photoinitiator 819 and photoinitiator 651 is particularly suitable for curing polyester/styrene resin systems, such as glass fiber reinforced materials. Since it also absorbs in the long wave band, photoinitiator 819 can be used in combination with ultraviolet light absorbers, such as TINUVIN 400, so photoinitiator 819 can be applied to UV curable coatings that require weather resistance.

Recommended usage:
Transparent acrylic and unsaturated polyester/styrene coatings 0.1-0.2% photoinitiators 819+1-2% photoinitiators 184
White acrylic and unsaturated and polyester/styrene coatings 0.5-1% photoinitiator 819+1-2% photoinitiator 184
Colored acrylic formulation 0.5-1% photoinitiator 819+1-2% photoinitiator 184
White screen printing ink 0.5-1.5% photoinitiator 819+1-2% photoinitiator 184
Glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester/styrene prepreg 0.1-0.2% photoinitiator 819

Package: 1kg/bag as sample order
                 20kgs/box for standard package

Shelf life: 1 year 

Photoinitiator 819/Irgacure bapo




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