99% Purity Photoinitiator 184

Name:Photoinitiator 184
Appearance: white powder
99% Purity Photoinitiator 184
Product name 99% Purity Photoinitiator 184
CAS Number 947-19-3
Formula weight 204.3
Molecular formula C13H16O2
Purity 99%
Melting point 44-48°C
Ash content 0.1%max

Aplication of 99% Purity Photoinitiator 184

1.Photoinitiator 184 is a radical type I non-yellowing photoinitiator for UV polymerization of mono-or multifunctional polymerized acrylic monomers and oligomers.
2.Photoinitiator 184 is used in varnish, plastic coatings, wood coatings, adhesives, lithographic printing ink, screen printing ink, flexo ink, electronic products.

Useage of 99% Purity Photoinitiator 184

  In the production process, 184 is generally the main initiator, which can be used with TPO, 819 in light curing paint and ink, and the recommended addition amount is 1-5%.

99% Purity photoinitiator 184

Package: 20 kgs/box
Storage:Keep sealed and stored at low temperature, dry conditions.





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